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ClickMyWay is a web design agency in Greece that provides fully customizable eshop templates per industry, to provide turnkey solutions to small and medium-sized businesses who wish to embrace digital transformation or refresh their current digital presence.

The Project

ClickMyWay needed a set of custom-built eshop templates to sell them as turnkey eshop solutions to businesses in diverse industries (e.g., fashion, retail, pharmacy, electronics, beauty stores, pet shops, etc). The key goal of the company was to provide small businesses with an automated solution of selling their products and services online as quickly and easily as possible.

The Role

UI/UX Product Designer - Frontend Developer

Design Conceptualization
Information Architecture
Visual Design
Custom Code Implementation

The Challenge

The challenge was to design and develop a set of unique eshop templates that would easily fit diverse businesses in a variety of industries. Small businesses are so different, and have unique ways of operating and filing, the main challenge was to create an ecommerce template that could be easily adapted to suit the needs of all businesses in a certain industry.

The Solution

Create UX-ready eshop templates per industry that satisfy the diverse needs and requirements of each small business. Design a set of dynamic eCommerce template policies, content blocks and functions, so that business owners are able to personalize their eshop, boost their business performance, enhance their brand’s awareness, and effortlessly increase their sales.

The Process

I started the project by conducting thorough research and analysis of eCommerce UX standards for each business industry, in order to form a user-oriented design per eCommerce template. Next, I designed wireframes with adaptable content blocks and forms based on the business type and content structure of the custom e-shop templates. In every eshop, I designed functional mega menus and incorporated advanced content capabilities.

The templates for each eshop were designed and developed using WooCommerce themes that I customized with CSS. I focused on developing fully optimized templates, so I also designed compressed visuals to increase website speed. I built the entire project on a clean and optimized code base.

I ensured that all eshop templates would work properly across all screen resolutions and devices. I evaluated different versions of the eshop templates during the b>AB testing and internal surveys, and fine tuned them for optimal performance.


Below, you will find a few examples of recent work that I have designed and developed.


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