Landings & Presentations

B2B Products.

This project showcases a brief selection of the numerous B2B landing pages that I have created for specific products, solutions, or target audiences.

The Project

AMD Telecom, a multinational company in marketing automation and communications, needed a modern sales toolkit to support its sales representatives in effectively communicating the company’s services to prospective customers in various industries. For example, landing pages to highlight marketing automation solutions for banking institutions, finance, HR, hospitality, and so on.

The Role

UI/UX Designer - Frontend Developer

Design Conceptualization
Information Architecture
Visual Design
Custom Code Implementation

The Challenge

The challenge was to design and develop a set of sales-oriented landing web pages and online presentations. The deliverables would address different groups of prospective customers and business industries worldwide, preserving at the same time the company’s brand identity.

The Solution

Design and create a marketing-oriented custom landing page template that will serve to achieve data-driven goals. Design a set of adaptable branded content blocks to be used depending on the targeted industry. Display the sales-driven content in an eye-catching way to trigger the prospects and convert them to paying customers.

The Process

First, I conducted extensive research (competitor analysis, internal surveys, personas, etc.) to identify the target audiences’ needs and establish a data-driven design strategy. Then, I created a wireframe and main content structure. I used a WordPress theme on which I edited the CSS to create adaptable content blocks and forms and implement interactive elements. I designed and prototyped the visual components (color palettes, typography, imagery, custom visual assets, etc.).

As part of my development workflow, I incorporated the Hotjar tool to get valuable feedback through heatmaps and session recordings to increase the pages’ conversion rate. To deliver the best performance and ensure smooth operation, I conducted A/B testing before delivering each landing page to the production team.


Below, you will find a few examples of recent work that I have designed and developed.


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