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Jewllery e-shop


KosmimaTV is an e-Shop that sells jewelry and accessories. What I was asked was redesigning e-Shop, that is, checking and repairing functional, utilitarian and visual errors that existed.


What I did was to study to carefully analyze the existing e-Shop so that I can identify and record various operational and visual problems. So, considering all the data, what I found was that some visual changes had to be made as the layout was considered satisfactory. Knowing that the store was selling jewelery, i chose a fine font and a palette of healthy colors near silver and gold. I also used shades and shadow effects to give a small depth to different fields in the site so that the user can easily understand and browse the e-Shop. The tools and programming languages ​​used to implement the project are: Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch3, HTML5, CSS3.


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