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Gtl Greece

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GTL Greece is a Thessaloniki-based company dealing with transportation and logistics. What I was asked was a website of the company's services and benefits, as well as a form in which customers could apply for an offer.


I first started collecting information about the company and its services. I also analyzed what are the required fields a customer needs to complete a bid request, which is important for designing a comprehensible, functional and usable form. After studying and analyzing all the data I decided to create a one page presentation website. I categorized and set priorities in the information which helped me with the creation of wireframes. By evaluating the structure we chose to present the content, we started the final mockup design process. Last but not least, we started the process of implementing the project. The tools and programming languages ​​used to implement the project are: Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch3, HTML5, CSS3.


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