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Luxury Villa


Dionysous Luxury Villa is a resort that is available for rent and is located in the Kamari of Pelion, one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece. What I was asked to do was create a website that will present prospective tenants (site visitors), services, amenities and all the necessary information for staying at the resort.


In this project what I did is to read in detail the entire content and evaluate all the material that should be included in the site (eg photo, doc), as the group had worked my hand. The next step was to categorize and prioritize content to create a flow of information to the visitor ideal for presenting the villa. So i went ahead with the implementation of wireframe, the choice of colors,fonts, icon set and Mockup's design. The visual version of the project was presented to the client who agreed to its implementation and development.The tools and programming languages ​​used to implement the project are: Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch3, HTML5, CSS3.


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