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Crystalview is a company based in Athens, consisting of a new and very talented people who are active in the field of filming and especially in the creation of music video clips. What I was asked for was the creation of a website that would display its services and works. Essentially what I had to do was a beautiful and comprehensive company presentation related to the style and branding the company had begun to build.


The first thing I asked the Crystal view team was to give me information about the company so that I can fully understand her style and of the area in which they operate. By analyzing and studying all the data, I divided them into categories and set priorities. Based on this information, and studying the content, i proceeded to create wireframe, then to choose colors and fonts, design and development. The tools and programming languages ​​used to implement the project are: Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch3, HTML5, CSS3.


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